The Centre for Simulation and Patient Safety is a Health Education North West regional resource. We now have over a decade of experience in delivering Human Factors training for healthcare individuals and teams, through simulation based education.


The centre is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical education using dynamic teaching tools, interactive experience and immersive types of learning.


Our aim is to set out to create a realistic environment to facilitate participation in scenarios with specific learning objectives based on real life experiences. In our fully immersive high fidelity learner focused environment users can be exposed to many different types of simulated clinical scenarios.


Our portfolio of courses is wide and varied and includes; team training; inter-professional learning and individual practice in scenarios utilising actors. We also have several high fidelity manikins including a neonate, infant, adult and pregnant female.


CSPS currently work closely with a number of NHS Trusts, Higher Education Institutes and corporate organisations. Today the centre trains over 2500 staff per year, from all disciplines across the Cheshire and Mersey region and beyond. Our courses are applicable to both undergraduate and postgraduate trainees.


The centre's work around Medical Simulation, Human Factors and Patient Safety has been recognised regionally and nationally.